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Raccoon: live the thrill

As gamers, we think that VR is the necessary step to make the player feel part of the experience. For this reason, Jorge Gutiérrez and Rafael Gutiérrez founded in 2022 in Valencia Raccoon Game Studio, an independent studio specialised in VR.

Our first game, “Aimtropolis”, has been a great achievement for us, because during the first year of the studio’s life, we managed to get it published on several major platforms. 

“Shadows on the Walls”, our second game, marks the beginning of a new stage: our interest in taking mystery and suspense to another level in VR gaming, specialising in this area.

Join our team

Raccoon game studio

Work as if you were playing

At Raccoon we like to have the best talent and we like to keep it. For this reason, we work to ensure that our team is always part of the incredible experience of making a videogame.

We share information about the results of the study, we try to create a good working environment and, above all, we try to keep everyone excited about trying new challenges, having fun and feeling that the effort is worth it.

Open positions

General Application

We are always looking for amazing people to join our team.


Feel it’s worth it

Working in videogame creation requires a lot of energy, effort and enthusiasm. At Raccoon we try to make sure that this work is rewarded, and that our team feels that the effort has been worthwhile.

  • Teleworking
    • HR is informed and a decision is made as to whether the option of working from home is optimal.
  • Material and software
    • Raccoon provides technological material such as computers, screens… to their employees
  • Time off in lieu (TOIL)
    • In the case of overtime, for periods of intense work, they can be exchanged for days off when accumulated.
  • Flexible working hours
    • You can communicate in advance and modify your working hours.
  • Advance pay
    • If necessary, there is the option of requesting it.
  • Inclusive per diems
    • All per diems on business trips representing the studio are included.
  • Company transparency
    • Managers are transparent with the business figures of the studio.
  • Availablility of training
    • Training is available if necessary for company processes.
  • Sports programme
    • We offer the option to set up a sports group for 2 days a week before work.
Raccoon game studio


La Marina Port, Valencia

Raccoon Game Studio was founded in Torrent, Valencia, but in May 2022 we joined Lanzadera, the largest business accelerator in Europe, where other studios such as Chibig or Codigames have been hosted.

We are located in the Marina Port, in front of the Mediterranean. A place that can be easily reached by public transport or by bike, and with many possibilities around to share a while, play sports or simply disconnect.