Shadows on the walls

Light up the thrill

Unbox the secret… before it’s too late.

Become the night security guard in charge of watching the museum’s building and its valuable collections during closing hours, including the newest exhibit, made up of a series of egyptian objects and linked to a series of recent tragic events. Your duties will include making rounds of the building, monitoring security systems and responding to emergencies and incidents that may occur. 

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Let the minigames begin!

Improve your aim in VR with the best game.

Enjoy 5 completely different worlds! In each of them you will have to put yourself in the shoes of one of the characters of the world. Shoot down all the cannonballs in “The island”, save the village from the bandits as the new sheriff in “Westernland”, destroy the robot in the “Cyberpunk” city before it destroys you, help your comrades win “The War” and pass the trials of the “Medieval” world.

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