Developer’s Diary: We are winners!!!

Developer’s Diary: We are winners!!!

This monumental achievement not only celebrates our dedicated journey but also underscores our commitment to crafting immersive VR experiences that address real-world challenges. AIMTROPOLIS’ ingenious design, catering to limited physical space and motion sickness concerns, reflects our dedication to user-centric innovation. We’re immensely grateful for this recognition, extending our heartfelt gratitude to Madrid Otaku and our supportive community, as well as RPGAMES for their instrumental role in showcasing our groundbreaking creation. 🏆🎮

🎉 Exciting news to share! Our indie game, AIMTROPOLIS, just won the award for the Most Innovative Game at Madrid Otaku! 🏆

It’s a fantastic achievement for our indie studio and a significant milestone as our first-ever award.

We poured our hearts into developing AIMTROPOLIS, carefully considering the needs of Virtual Reality (VR) users, and attending numerous fairs and events. To be recognized for innovation is truly incredible.

From the very beginning, we knew two crucial factors that often get overlooked in indie game development in VR: the available physical space for players at home and the issue of motion sickness. We made it our mission to address these concerns during development, creating a game that’s both thrilling and user-friendly.

To accommodate limited space, AIMTROPOLIS was designed to offer action within a 180-degree angle in front of the player. This way, even those with a small play area can fully immerse themselves in the game experience, just like those with larger spaces.

Moreover, we put great emphasis on optimizing the Frames per Second (FPS) and refresh rates to minimize motion sickness. Learning from this experience will undoubtedly guide us in future indie projects.

We’re incredibly grateful for this recognition and want to thank the Madrid Otaku organisation and their community for the opportunity to showcase AIMTROPOLIS. It’s the result of the hard work and dedication of our amazing indie team. We would also like to express our sincere appreciation to RPGAMES for their support and the remarkable organization of the indie zone. We love you guys! 😍

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