Developer’s Diary: Achieving goals

Developer’s Diary: Achieving goals


Dive into our Developer’s Diary as we celebrate a major milestone – the launch of Aimtropolis on PICO XR! Our VR Shooter/Arcade game has taken flight after months of dedication from our Raccoon Game Studio team. We’ve conquered challenges, optimized pipelines, and even introduced auto-scaling for a seamless experience across VR headsets.

Good Neeeeews Everyoneeeeeee! (Only the Top G will know the reference)

Last Thursday, our first game, Aimtropolis, entered the official PICO XR! #Aimtropolis is a VR Shooter/Arcade where the goal is to achieve the highest score in each minigame. Being in the #PICO store is a reward for the hard work of our team at Raccoon Game Studio, consisting of 5 people, during 9 long months.

Also, we are celebrating the launch being present on the amazing Tenerife GG. An awesome event where players all around Spain come together to enjoy a week of activities and gaming.

The development of Aimtropolis has allowed us to gain a better understanding of different work pipelines and optimization systems for VR games, both in the coding and art departments. This learning has helped us create our own systems within the pipelines, optimizing development time and reducing it by up to 10% in each department.

Additionally, since there are different types of headsets, each with unique specifications, we have implemented an auto-scalable system. This allows the game to detect the hardware capacity and adapt its performance accordingly, automatically adjusting the graphic quality.

This entire process has given us a deep understanding of the VR ecosystem and the hardware needs, but above all, the players who are our top priority at #Raccoon.

We’re thrilled to bring the Aimtropolis experience to VR players and continue evolving in this exciting world!

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